Welcome to Nimra Institute of Science and Technology. With over 1500 undergraduate and postgraduate students, our outstanding faculty continuously devote themselves to teaching, mentoring and preparing our students for engineering leadership role. There is no better or more important time to be an engineer. Engineering is ubiquitous. Almost everything we do and touch today has been designed and built through the actions and oversight of engineers.

Dr. Akbar Khan

Engineers are directly helping society deal with the major issues that confront us today…mitigating the effects of climate change, improving the sustainability of our economy, ensuring our personal and national security as well as providing a better infrastructure for our daily life in areas of Information Technology, Infrastructure transportation, communications, housing, and fresh drinking water.

Excellence…distinction…diversity…opportunities…capacity…growth…these are attributes of our College, all of which serve as critical components to developing and enhancing our college’s potential of becoming an internationally recognized academy for interdisciplinary and excellence in engineering.

As in all worthy enterprises, our strength comes from our people. Our committed faculty, high-achieving students, successful alumni and excellent staff all contribute to making Nimra a fulcrum of success, happiness and great pride.

Please share in our excitement as we venture into engineering new frontiers. We offers state-of-the-art characterization instruments that are used to teach undergraduate and graduate courses for Aeronautical Engineering, thus allowing students to directly benefit from the availability of top-notch tools. Five Hi tech well established labs in the computer science and Information Technology department, including other labs in Electronic and Communication.

We will build upon our long tradition of education and professional service and our rich cultural environment to attract and involve a much enhanced portion of the chairman’s vision to create a stronger and more vital forces in the community.

It is my distinct pleasure to work with our College team and all of the individuals who are profoundly committed to the shared vision of an excellent engineering program in NIST.


Dr. Akbar Khan
Principal, NIST