Vision & Mission
To encourage and establish world class higher education facilities at every district head quarters.

To encourage and create state-of-the-art professional research based education institutions in all disciplines.

To encourage institutes of education in general, technical, medical and other professional /scientific / physical education for the challenged.

To develop human resources required for the education process.

To continuously upgrade educational content in multiple media.

To create institutional linkages wit other sectors of social development such as health and rural development.

To Market India as a destination for affordable, high quality education.

To provide quality primary and higher education facilities to every citizen of India.

To make Costs of education reachable and affordable to the under privileged sections of society.

To monitor continuously and upgrade Quality of education to ensure high standards.

To Create and maintain data bases, and continuously analyse trends.


To Eradicate the Evilness of Donation and Capitations from primary to higher education and to ensure merit is followed to spread education among masses, And to make Education Reachable and Affordable to the poorest of the poor.