Principal's Message

Welcome to Nimra College of Business Management. I hope that you will share my excitement when you see what the College has to offer you as a potential student.

At Nimra we work to design and deliver a business education that has a deep social context. We believe business success is relevant only if it has social consequences that can positively impact life.

Dr. Abdul Baji

Our curriculum focuses on integrative learning, incorporates the study of the global environment, and utilizes innovative approaches to developing skills needed by individual managers so they can meet and conquer the daunting challenges of the modern world of business.

Our students come from near and far, from small towns to big cities, they bring with them a strong work ethic and a desire to make a difference in the world. We give them the knowledge they need to make them successful, while preserving their core values. Our students today come to us with a higher calling, and a deeper sense of responsibility.

These initiatives enhance the academic and extra-curricular opportunities for NCBM students, providing them greater opportunities to grow professionally and personally.

From the efforts of our faculty, to the diligence of our students, to our connections beyond the campus, the College has much about which to be proud. Over the coming academic year, our faculty is working hard to refresh and enhance our MBA/MCA programs, with a new curriculum that reflects the needs of the current dynamic, global business environment.

We are tightening our belts as we continue to improve opportunities for students, faculty, alumni, and future students. This expertise benefits the student because faculty expertise is brought into the classroom every day.

In short, Nimra College of Business Management provides an unbeatable combination of quality and value, the College of Business management that offers the best learning experience to accelerate professional careers.


Best wishes,
Dr. Abdul Baji
Principal, NCBM